• Survey Certificates – this type of survey includes locating any structures on a particular lot with respect to the boundaries of that lot. These surveys are often used for municipal building inspectors, building contractors and owners.
  • Building Stakeout – this type of survey includes layout of structures to meet municipal zoning and building bylaws. We will typically stake the building for excavation and pin the building for footings and perimeter walls.
  • Site Plans – this type of survey includes preparation of plans showing the location of existing and proposed structures on the property with respect to the boundaries and building setbacks. Site plans are required for building permit applications.
  • Topographical Surveys – site surveys which show the ground features, terrain, and elevations. These types of surveys may be used for design or volumetric (quantity) purposes.
  • Construction Layout – site surveys for layout of residential and commercial subdivisions, roads and infrastructure. These surveys often include as-built surveys once the project is completed.